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Meet our team of personal trainers in Lower Hutt.


Co-owner, Strength & Conditioning Trainer

Kieran Duffy is co-owner and strength and conditioning trainer. Kieran will transform your aspirations into reality whether it be getting stronger, leaner, sports specific goals, rehabilitation based. He is passionate about helping each individual achieve their goals. He does this by challenging, motivating, and supporting you with goal-specific training that will allow you to succeed beyond your expectations.

Kieran has spent over 10 years in the health and fitness industry, helping a variety of clients whether it be athletes, people with physical or mental disability, or people with poor movement patterns. Kieran understands the difficulty in changing your current habits so that you are able to achieve your desired goals.​


Co-owner, Strength & Conditioning Trainer

Daniel is also a co-owner and a strength and conditioning coach who has been based and operating in the Wellington region for over 10 years. During that time I have developed a philosophy based around improving human performance… “Once you can optimise your body’s full potential your goals are only restricted by your dedication” My goal as a coach is to educate my clients on how to achieve their individual goals and build in them the confidence to go out and get what they want by making better decisions for a higher quality of life.

Over the last decade I have worked with all walks of life, physically disabled, youth, general populations, elite athletes, older populations, mobility issues, injuries and those with serious illness. Through all of my experiences I have developed a training method built around making my clients move better and be stronger. Everyone is on the same path, some start a little further back, some move through quicker, it is my job to help you along the way regardless of where it goes.


Strength & Conditioning Coach

Jayden is a qualified strength and conditioning coach. He has a very diverse athletic background, ranging from ball sports to full time military service/training. At an early age Jayden had a particular interest in sports, specifically: rugby, touch and basketball. It is from his interest in sports that Jayden became passionate about health and fitness. He is an advocate of functional movement and exercise. He believes that good strength, mobility, movement, and diet are the keys to good health.

Jayden has been in the fitness industry since 2014. During this time he has experienced multiple roles, such as: Personal training, group training, coaching, gym management, and teaching at a tertiary level. His experience in these roles, combined with continuous up skilling has helped him develop specific training systems to help people achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals, no matter what they may be.


Strength & Conditioning Coach

Mitchell is a qualified strength and conditioning trainer out of Petone. He has a wide variety of skills as a personal trainer and coach and has over 5 years of experience as a qualified trainer. As a trainer Mitchell has helped his clients reach a variety of goals, such as weight loss, sports performance, dealing with special populations such as children and elderly, and also rehabilitation. Mitchell believes that planned goal setting along with the right training and nutrition plan help to ensure his clients achieve their goals.

​Mitchell has over 12 years of exercise experience through sport and recreation, and its through this interest that Mitchell became a Personal Trainer


Strength Coach

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Jannaia is a qualified Strength coach training out of buildabody. His passion and specialty is powerlifting, However he also majorly specialises in body recomposition, rehabilitation and sport specific training. Jannaia is a big advocate of preaching technique as the main forefront of training and has a sharp eye for detail with how the body moves /functions. Jannaia is also a competitive powerlifter. He currently holds numerous national and world records. He also has an online clientele full of athletes ranging in different sports such as Powerlifting and rugby etc.

Jannaias’s approach to programming for his clients is quite simple, “Regardless if you are an athlete or not, I will train you like one, make you MOVE like one, be STRONG like one and even FEEL like one. So whether your goal is to look good naked, fix any existing injuries or just want to shift some big weight, my training approach will force you to tick all the boxes at the same time!” – Jannaia Fuimaono

Norman Hemi

Owner & Head Coach

Norman is the owner and head coach of Vally BJJ. He started his journey with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) in 2009 under the guidance of Brian Morris (black belt and founder of the Combat Room Wellington) and Prof. Vanderson Pires (black belt and current owner of the Combat Room Wellington). He trained with the Combat Room Wellington for seven years before he, as a purple belt, decided to start Valley BJJ in 2016. He continues to train under Prof. Vanderson and was blessed to receive his black belt in 2019.

Normans coaching style reflects that of the people who have guided him along the way. This involves a strong emphasis on patience, technical skills and helping students to feel relaxed and confident. He takes great pride in sharing the mats and training spaces with people from all over the world and all walks of life and believes it is a privilege to learn and share the knowledge and skills that people bring to the team at Valley BJJ. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art that allows you to explore new ways to move and get fit. It encourages good mental and physical well-being and you will learn a self-defense system that is applicable to real-world situations. It is also a sport that values good friendship and mutual respect.

Taurima Morris

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Taurima is a qualified Strength and Conditioning coach. His passion and interest in exercise stem from his own sporting and athletic background both within and outside of the gym. Taurima has participated in sport and physical activity his entire life and continues to do so today. His training philosophy is simple: “I believe if I can help people to move more efficiently, functionally and to become stronger in the process, it will form the basis of an excellent foundation that can be applied to simple activities of daily living as well as performance.” Taurima has an extensive background in the fitness industry both practically and academically.

He currently holds a Bachelor’s degree in sport and exercise science and has over 5 years of working experience. Taurima has worked with a wide range of people with a mixture of abilities from high-performance athletes to stroke rehabilitation. It is from these various roles and experiences that Taurima has been able to develop specific training programs, nutrition concepts, and coaching methods that cater to all populations.

Luke Flett

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Education: Certificate in exercise science level 5, Diploma in exercise therapy and weights prescription. Australian Strength coach strength system level 1, and Enhancing performance and recovery potential seminars.

About me: Team!! My names Luke Flett! A fellow strength and conditioning coach at the Buildabody studio. I have over 5 years of experience in Personal training, working beside clients with varying goals! Whether your goal is weight loss, to build strength, power or even learn how to do a muscle up, Im your guy.

I have a strong passion for what I do!! If you have any enquiries with anything to do Fitness, dont hesitate to txt, call or just come up and say hey

Ashley Manson

Qualified Personal Trainer

Ashley is qualified personal trainer and has a wide of range skills. she has always participated in various kinds of sports throughout her life such as, netball, volleyball and rowing. Aside from sport, she then found the love and passion for resistance training/weight lifting for the past few years. Ashley has a strong passion for health and fitness. She also believes it is key for a longer and healthier life.

However In order to achieve those goals, you have to be consistent. Ashley will help you every step of the way in your journey to becoming stronger, leaner or what ever you want to be. Ashley is always seeking to continuously upskill and develop herself to widen her knowledge to be the best that she can be.

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