Jayden is a strength and conditioning coach, gym manager, and co-owner at Buildabody. He received his Diploma in Exercise Science from the Wellington Institute of Technology and has worked in the fitness industry since 2014. 

Jayden has an extensive athletic background, with a particular interest in ball sports. It is through his love for sports that he became passionate about health and fitness, and eventually drove him to seek a career in the fitness industry. He has experience working with a wide range of people, and believes that functional strength, mobility, and good nutrition are key facets to a healthy lifestyle. 

Jayden previously served as a tutor in the exercise science department at the Wellington Institute of Technology where he gained a wealth of knowledge. He also served as a soldier in the New Zealand Army. The skills and values that Jayden obtained in his previous roles have helped mold him into who he is today, and has ultimately led to his excellent quality of service to all clients and members at Buildabody.