Ben Brooking


Hi, I'm Ben Brooking and I am a coach at BuildaBody Upper Hutt. I got into coaching and why I enjoy it is that it allows me to help people achieve their fitness and wellness goals. I received my certificate in 2016 to help me with my training for rugby. It took me a while to finally take the jump to making coaching my full time career, where in 2021 I joined the Buildabody team when we opened our Upper Hutt facility. As someone who had previously trained at Buildabody, I knew the culture and family vibe was something I wanted to be apart of. With the help of Jayden I’ve gone from strength to strength with my coaching and have learnt an enormous amount. In my spare time outside of the gym, I play rugby, something I am equally as passionate about, having had the opportunities to play not just here in NZ but also 2 separate stints in Europe.