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We are dedicated to improving strength, mobility and helping to create healthy lifestyle choices.


One on One Road Mapping

This is the most powerful session of the programme. Here your coach is going to breakdown your why? Build a connection to your outcomes that will drive you to succeed. Establish a plan to achieve your outcomes.  


You'll have full access to our small group sessions to overhaul your physique. Daily tasks to improve heart health & address day to day niggles like low back pain, tight shoulders and chronic fatigue. 

Accountability Coaching

At BAB, we dont leave our members to their own devices. We coach and mentor you weekly. Over the first 4 weeks you will receive weekly check-ins for progress tracking to ensure you continue to move forward towards your goals.

Success stories

Lower Hutt
Upper Hutt
Mt. Cook
Anjali Khandelwal
Anjali Khandelwal
Highly recommend this place. I’ve been going to this gym for a few months now and this is the best gym Ihave found so far. Place is always clean and tidy. Every gym session the trainer is ready with the workout plan and know their stuff. I always feel welcomed and encouraged, which keeps me coming back. During the group workouts, they give you enough attention, telling you to correct your postures etc so you always feel you are at a safe place and the trainer cares about the members.
Robyn Jack
Robyn Jack
Beautiful energy every time I walk into Buildabody Gym. Trainers are awesome. Been 2 weeks, 5 sessions so far and I'm still working it. Best decision I've made this year and I'm loving it :-) The support is awesome. Highly recommend 100%
A solid gym with great coaches and strong programs. Love it!!
Roimata Kereama
Roimata Kereama
Great staff, feels like I have my own personal trainer but without the costs. Thanks Buildabody
monique elario
monique elario
Love the team, the atmosphere, the people! They have a genuine interest in your progress and check in to ensure that you are achieving your goals. The classes are well structured and the coaches are AMAZING! I look forward to going to my classes and it never feels like a chore. They also host social events. SO much to love about BuildaBody!
Karl Hutchins
Karl Hutchins
The trainers at build a body have helped me understand, plan and prepare the food I enjoy in the quantities I need to both be able to enjoy eating and lose/maintain weight. I love the classes and the social aspect of the gym. Grwat people work there, great people working out there


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