Team Training at Buildabody

At BuildaBody ​we are results-driven. Our goal is to help you build a road map to success, move better, feel strong & healthy and live a great life without restriction.  Whether you are trying to make the get back into exercise, lose a few pounds, recover from an injury, take your performance to the next level and everything in between, we can help. Our experiences in training athletes ranges from high school, to the national, and the professional level. Our general members come from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life, from general population to special populations and, our coaches at BAB can help get you where you are going.

We understand its intimidating walking into a gym with a lot of iron, people you don’t know, programme your unsure about, finding a coach your comfortable with our programming and coaching is as good as it gets, it’s up to you to take the first step. Our programming is unlike anything you have come across and its what will pull you in, our supportive, motivating community of coaches is what will keep you coming back. We are excited to bring you on board and help you build your own path of success. 

We Create strong, high performing athletes

Training Programs Description


At Buildabody all our adult teams are programmed to develop great movement a stable spine and a strong capable body. All sessions are tailored with progressions and regressions for your current level of fitness. You team & community environment will help keep you motivated and encourage you to keep going. Ultimately we want to help you feel & look better than ever before. 

Our KICKSTART 4 week challenge is your perfect entry point. During this time you will get full access to the gyms services including Team sessions, 1 on 1 PT, Nutrition coaching, progress tracking, accountability & support check ins.  

Youth Teams

Our High School athlete groups are designed to make you move better, feel stronger, be faster, produce explosive force and train smarter than your competition. Unlike many sports programmes where the focus is developing sports specific training our focus is to develop and support our athletes natural growth. Create strong, high performing athletes. While this programme is designed for athletes it also caters for all youth wanting to get into a supervised training environment. 
We offer a FREE WEEK trail for all youth. Its important for us to make sure the kids are comfortable and ready to be in this type of environment before they fully commit. 


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